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              Cooperation conditions

              We  hope  you:

              Win-win consciousness: Can personally participate in the operation and management, develop good cooperation with  the  brand , achieve win-win in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

              Integrity: Respect our brand, has a long-term cooperation intention; has a good reputation.

              Strength and qualification: has the incorporation and the general taxpayer qualification, company business is good, has strong financial strength.

              Rich experience: has experience in operation of the same level men's clothing, has a strong management team, has good channels and social relationship.

              Brand support

              Our Promise To You:

              Product support:
              The new opened goods 100% support  for a season

              Group support:
              Bear the specified limit within fifty percent of the advertising expenses and return by fifty percent a year.

              Professional support:
              Training operations: The team support opening training and group large enclosed training.
              marketing promotion: Provide regular promotion、plan and execution support of  large-scale marketing activities.
              Exchanges of visits: Organize franchisees and direct stores exchange learning activities, strengthen the relationship and deepen cooperation.
              Personalized training: According to different areas, providing tailored training programs and field support.

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